icon-candidatestalentBee offers multi-disciplinary specialist recruitment solutions to its clients.

Over 40+ years of combined industry experience gives us the insight and the robust network to connect you to your newest team member.

talentBee provides the following services to streamline the Recruitment process:


Services Offered

staffing solution

Specialist Headhunting

talentBee specialises in Executive Search designed to attract and recruit top talent. Unique and tailored service geared to finding senior members of the staff including CXOs, Directors, and Vice Presidents plus middle management and junior level employees



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Recruitment Plus :

Unlimited Recruitment at Fixed Cost for clients who have regular recruitment needs at multiple levels, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) works the best. With RPO, we handle your recruitment process end-to-end at fixed monthly charges. Based either full time or part time in your office, we work with the internal stake holders , enabling your staff to focus on core issues and reducing cost per hire significantly.


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meeting with candidates

Recruitment Projects :

Ideal for start-ups and bulk recruitments. Save significantly during your initial hiring ! We work with your core team as a special partner in recruitment during the project launch phase at a special one time fee. You work on your core business project while we keep filling your key positions. We work as a key member in your PMO.



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Campus Recruitment Campaigns

Leverage our expertise in conducting campus recruitment’s from top institutes in India. We organize the end-to-end logistics, campaign, scheduling and selection process.



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end to end solution

Staffing solutions for contract and temporary roles

talentBee offers this solution to its premium clients to manage requirements for temporary and contract staff.




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